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Why Williams: In Our Students’ Words

“Williams has allowed me to pursue all my interests and hobbies, while at the same time giving me the opportunity to thrive.” Hear from two juniors about their experiences and why they’d “choose Williams again in a heartbeat.”

Still have questions about the Williams experience? Students are ready and waiting to chat all things Purple Valley with you.

Alumni Spotlight

Devon Parfait '22, coastal resilience analyst for the Environmental Defense Fund and chief of the Grand Caillou/Dulac band of Biloxi Chitimacha Choctaw, spoke to Rolling Stone about how his geoscience research at Williams and post-graduation professional experiences have empowered him to advocate for his tribal community and protect Louisiana’s crumbling coastline.

Faculty Spotlight

Psychology professor Victor Cazares credits his career in academia to his community college experience. At Williams, he has aimed to recreate that same close-knit learning environment both inside and outside the classroom through his work with the Transfer Student Union and SUBE, a student-run organization focused on empowering Latinx students to develop professional pursuits in STEM+ fields, where they are historically underrepresented.

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A Virtual Visit to Williams

We encourage you to take a closer look at campus and some of our students’ favorite spots in this virtual tour—all in under 10 minutes!

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Class Visits
April 15-30, 2024

Our professors and current students invite you to visit their class and see for yourself the intellectual exchange and collaboration that defines the Williams classroom experience! View available classes and register (classes are open to students only).

Virtual Previews
April 18, 2024

If you can’t make it to campus, join us for Virtual Previews–an opportunity for you to continue exploring Williams from afar and get to know the students, faculty and staff who’ll shape your experience here.

Campus Tours & Info Sessions
Spring 2024

We welcome you anytime! Check out our Connect & Visit page to sign up for a tour of this beautiful campus and/or an hour-long information session with an admission officer and current student.

One Big Family!

Information for Families

You'll have many opportunities to ask us questions and connect with other families, whether you’re joining us on campus for Previews or online for Virtual Previews (or both!).

We want to make sure you get all your questions answered in the next few weeks, so please reach out.

Formal Fare: Ephs can invite a professor to a Lyceum dinner—a free, 3-course meal at the Faculty House!

Garrett ‘26 is taking over our instagram! Read why he chose Williams:

“The ability to live in such a beautiful rural area is once in a lifetime. I don’t intend on living in the mountains my whole life, but while I can, it’s really special to be able to leave my dorm and in just a short walk be in a forest or surrounded by cows. This, in my opinion, heightens the close connections that are already made at such small school with such a close knit community; our interpersonal network is strengthened and densened by our natural surroundings. Just walking down the street, there is always a familiar face, whether it is a teammate, castmate, Professor, or the President, and it is really hard to be an anonymous face in the crowd here— Williams cares!”

Each summer, over 200 students receive grants through the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program to fund unpaid or low-paying internship experiences (learn more at the link in our bio). Jeffrey ‘26 spent last summer at a clinic founded by a Williams alum:

“I was grateful to be the Williams intern at the San Francisco Free Clinic. Nestled in the Richmond District of SF, this clinic is home to high-quality healthcare for uninsured people, helping patients not just from San Francisco, but from all over the world. Founded by Dr. Patricia Gibbs ‘82, the SFFC offers a multitude of services including diabetes management and psychiatry. I spent eight weeks rotating through the front office and back room. I handled administrative tasks such as answering patient phone calls, scheduling, and translating our patient intake forms and waivers into Mandarin, Mongolian, and Spanish for increased accessibility for our non-English speaking patients. In the back office, I was trained as a medical assistant: I checked patients in, took vitals like heart rate and blood pressure, performed venipuncture, and ran labs, such as urinalysis.

“I was also able to conduct a public health research project that sought to improve the rate of anxiety (GAD7) screening as per the USPSTF. I then updated and enhanced the clinic’s mental health resource referral guide with more information, like language accessibility, pricing, and quantity of organizations with an emphasis on undocumented and LGBTQ+ communities.”

Miranda ‘26 is taking over our instagram! She reflects on choosing Williams two years ago:

“My final college choice came down to Williams and a larger school in my hometown of NYC with an expansive core curriculum. I chose Williams for its academic flexibility and, perhaps more importantly, warm campus community – I’m grateful to be able to study a myriad of subjects and feel as supported as I do.”

Part of what makes studying STEM at Williams so unique are the innovative spaces in which students learn, research and create. The 50% of Williams students who major in math and sciences have access to facilities that are rare at liberal arts colleges. Watch the full video at the link in our bio to learn more 🔗 ...